The Company

Mobile Capital Network (MCN) is a strategy consulting firm helping Canadian and international organizations to access Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) incentives and programs such as SR&ED, OIDMTC, BC IDMTC, IRAP, IDMF, Canada Media Fund (CMF), FedDev funding programs and many others.

MCN assists its clients with optimizing internal processes and setting up optimal business structures to meet the eligibility criteria of SR&ED and various other financing programs available in Canada. We help our clients assess and structure their SR&ED-related work before the work begins so that the true cost and other implications of each proposed R&D initiative are fully understood and taken into consideration.

As a part of our services, we create and implement comprehensive R&D financing strategies that allow our clients to access funding programs for each stage of a company’s life cycle. Our consultants stay in regular contact with clients and are equally fluent in programs such as SR&ED, OIDMTC, BC IDMTC, IRAP, CMF, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDMF) grants as well as other lesser known incentive programs.

Our comprehensive services allow our clients to maximize their refunds, secure additional funding and thereby greatly increase the value of their SR&ED and other investments.

For more information about how MCN can help your organization please email us or contact us.