About us

Mobile Capital Network offers a comprehensive approach to R&D financing. Our consultants offer expertise in a wide variety of government programs designed to help Canadian and foreign-owned technology companies compete internationally while creating jobs in Canada.

We help our clients assess and structure their R&D work before the work begins so that the true cost and other implications of each proposed R&D initiative are taken into consideration. We work with our clients on the ongoing basis and look at the whole array of potential incentives (SR&ED, IRAP, OIDMTC, IDMF, BC IDMTC and others). As a result, we come up with a tailor-made plan that best suits the client’s needs. Then we help the to execute this plan so that the client stays focused on growing the businesses while leveraging Canadian R&D incentive programs to their maximum..

While MCN earns money by helping clients maximize returns from SR&ED, OIDMTC and other tax incentives and funding, our expertise doesn’t stop there. We are a strategy consultancy and we assist our clients with a wide array of strategy and business-related matters ranging from assessing a business or product idea to advising on how to maximize the value of the company when approached by a potential buyer. We offer our expertise and advice to all of our clients for no additional costs.

For more information about MCN and to learn how MCN can help your organization, please contact us.