Strategy Consulting

MCN helps its clients to design and adopt optimal business structures to take full advantage of the investment tax credits and other funding opportunities available in Canada.

This includes advice on corporate structure, optimal ownership structure, geographic location of an R&D site, and other aspects of the business. Our consultants get actively engaged in the business case development, financial modeling and financing aspects of the clients’ projects.

We help our clients to devise and adopt internal processes that not only maximize eligibility of their R&D and product development for SR&ED, OIDMTC and other government assistance programs, but often also improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of their R&D and product development teams.

Further, MCN will help your organization to ensure compliance with the CRA’s activity tracking requirements and will assist you in designing a project management and activity tracking regimen that maximizes your claim without over-burdening your development team.

For more information about MCN and our services, please email us or contact us.