Our History

Mobile Capital Network was founded in 2008 by seasoned professionals from various technology sectors who have significant experience in starting up and growing early stage companies.  Our consultants have served as CEOs, CTOs, VP R&D and lead scientists in various technology companies.

As former senior executives of Canadian technology companies, we have been through the experiences of our clients firsthand. During our time in the industry, there were no companies offering a systematic, strategic approach to utilizing Canadian generous tax incentives and receiving government funding. The common practice was to deal with each program on a stand-alone basis and to think of tax credits only when it was time to file the tax return. There was a need for a strategy consultancy with a different philosophy. To address this need we created Mobile Capital Network.

The company has quickly gained recognition for its business and technology expertise, its proactive, comprehensive approach to R&D financing, its superior customer service, and the depth of business expertise that only comes with the firsthand experience.

Since inception, MCN has helped hundreds of its clients to maximize the overall benefits across specific portfolios of programs utilized in each particular case. Together with clients we devise a comprehensive R&D financing strategy that taps into various funding programs that may include Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program, Ontario and BC Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits (OIDMTC and BC IDMTC), NRC’s Industrial Research and Assistance Program (IRAP), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) funding, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDMF), and other tax credits and funding programs available on federal and provincial levels as well as programs offered by private sector.

For more information about how MCN can help your organization please email us or contact us.