Our Name

There is a reason why we call ourselves Mobile Capital Network.

When you invest in R&D you are sure to spend money. The costs of R&D are shown on your financial statements as either expense or capital, but no matter how you call it, it is the capital you already spent.

We help you recover this spent money. We also help you attract other people’s money to finance your R&D and other activities, and then we help you recover some of that money too. In other words, we help you mobilize the capital you already spent so that you can spend it again.

That’s why Mobile Capital.

Network is in reference to the ecosystem we and our clients are a part of. We are a strategy consultancy. In simple terms, strategy is the art and science of getting where you want to be in the fastest and the most efficient way. Strategy implementation always involves leveraging other people’s skills and resources, and this is where being part of the network becomes invaluable.

If you are interested in learning more please email us or give us a call.