Digital Media

Canadian companies engaged in the development of interactive digital media and cross-platform products may benefit from several provincial and federal tax credits and funding programs.

Most programs define interactive digital media product as a combination of application and data files that are digital, integrated and intended to be operated together. Qualifying Interactive digital media products include digital games, online magazines, mobile apps, educational software, interactive kiosks, e-learning modules, interactive websites and many other products.

MCN has extensive experience working with agencies administering various tax credits and funding programs aimed at supporting development of interactive digital media products in Canada. We particularly focus on OIDMTC, BC IDMTC and several other programs geared toward digital media and game development industries. These programs are complementary to SR&ED, IRAP and other funding opportunities.

MCN consulting engagements normally cover the entire array of funding opportunities so that the overall return from the entire portfolio of programs and incentives is maximized.

To learn how your company can take advantage of the interactive digital media funding opportunities please contact us.