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MCN & Crestview Strategy – Webinar Summary

The government has been working hard to stabilize the economy following the effects of COVID-19, but many members of the tech community have been left out of their support measures. Organizations like MaRS and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance have been doing a great job working to advocate on behalf of tech start-ups. However, it’s clear now that outsourcing advocacy to third parties isn’t good enough, given how quickly things are changing. We’ve been receiving many ideas from colleagues and friends in the tech community on how the government should act, and want to distill that and add to the voices out there to cause positive change. With that in mind, we hosted an event with Crestview Strategy, to share ideas, discuss the current landscape and what we can do to affect it. Crestview Strategy is a public relations consultancy. By nature of their work, Crestview Strategy is in constant […]

Innovation and the 2016 Federal Budget – Synopsis

The 2016 by the Liberal government has enacted new provisions for innovation and green technology. This government has re-emphasized that innovation is a key driver of the economy, and must invest in order to become and world leader in technology creation. To achieve this objective, the government has targeted investment to 4 specific streams to boost innovation. Entrepreneurship – Extended investment through enhanced funding for incubators and accelerators, internships, apprenticeships and immigration policy. By 2017-18, the government has promised to provide funding of $150 million dollars. Science and Technology – Increasing funding for academia, federal laboratories and related foundations. Aggregate funding between 2016-18 will increase funding by approximately $1.75 billion dollars. Innovation Infrastructure – Increased funding to the NRC – IRAP and development agencies across Canada. IRAP in particular is earmarked to receive an additional $50 million dollars in 2016-17. Commercialization and Growth – Scaling the mandates of BDC, EDC […]

The Case for Using SR&ED, OIDMTC, IRAP and Other Government Incentives

As consultants we meet with many different companies and, to our surprise, a substantial number of business owners, particularly owners-managers, are reluctant to tap into the government incentives available to them. Somehow these very capable, self-made, independent businesspeople perceive applying for government assistance or tax credits as an acknowledgement of their inability to succeed on their own. The most prevailing excuse is “it’s too much hassle to deal with the government”. Consider that by maximizing your benefits from various government programs and incentives you actually help the government to achieve their public policy objectives. It may sound funny, but the government needs you. Don’t be shy to apply. Take for example SR&ED. The Federal government uses the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program to give Canadian industries a competitive edge over international companies. The purpose of the program is to encourage SR&ED activities by reducing the amount of business […]